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Koyo Miyamura’s Portfolio.

Created for showing my works in private repository.

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DEV: github-pages + Jekyll


From Kumamoto in Japan(and now living in Fukuoka)

Born October 28, 1994

Graduated from Depertment of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of Engineering, Kyushu University in March, 2017.

Expected to graduate from Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Department of Advanced Information Technology, Kyushu University in March, 2019.

My works

My github & gistQiita

Interview system


Internal interview management system developed in the period of internship

(Aug. 2017 ~ Sep. 2017)

Proposal / design was done by three people and development was two people including me.

Now it is used in the company.

Mainly responsible for web design (excluding the part using Javascript) and logic development including login/logout, authority management, and so on.

DEV: CentOS6 (vagrant) , CakePHP3

Indoor positoning

Master’s research (Jul. 2017 ~) :Indoor positioning implemented on android smartphone

As of October 29, 2017, I introduced git, refactored the code, described the document using github’s wiki, added new functions, etc.

Machine learning

Graduation research (Sep. 2016 ~ Feb. 2017) :Identification of programs using performance counters

Using machine learning library scikit-learn in python.

  1. Performance counter acquisition script targeted for SPEC 2006 program
  2. Classification using SVM from the value of the performance counter obtained in 1.
  3. Plot the value of the performance counter obtained in 1. with dimension reduction to 2 dimensions using PCM

Processor design

Laboratory exercise (May 2016 ~ Jul. 2016)

Design in-order processor with 5-stage pipeline using Verilog.

Fukuoka Football Film Festival

Web site creation of Fukuoka Football Film Festival(Jan.2016)

According to the given design, creation of Wordpress theme by HTML + CSS (bootstrap) with responsive web design.